giovedì 26 gennaio 2017

The mirrored city

In last night dream I went back to Milan on holiday with my girlfriend.

Apparently it was a while since last time we went home, because we decided to visit the city with a couple of friends and have them show us what has changed since last time.
Well it was a lot!

First of all the liliac tube line now started basically from my parents home, that is like 25km outside the city, almost pure countryside.
I was so excited by this thing, but my friends told me that the liliac tube was for rich and posh people only, because yes you can reach Milan with it but the only active stations were the one in the very city centre. 

I still thought that was great, because I could have go to Duomo in 15 minutes directly from my parents house instead that more than an hour if you're lucky.

We were traveling in my friend car, it was a new weird version of the Alfa Brera that he used to have: the driving seat was in the middle with a total of three seats in the front row, so I was seated at his right while his wife was seated at his left. The back seat was small and uncomfortable exactly like the old version, so my girlfriend decided to seat on the dashboard, plenty of space there, very comfortable, not safe at all.

In any case the big news about the city was a useless but fantastic feature. 
When the weather  was cloudy powerful projector were used to mirror the main landmarks of the city upside down on the cloud ceiling. 

Something like this, but mirrored in the sky

In this way the city looked like mirrored in the sky, a wonderful view, even if very distracting. In fact we risked to kill a guy because we where all looking up at the sky while driving, lol.

I woke up in the middle of a weird discussion about a new kind of shower, basically a gigantic tube in which you enter and that clean you without water.
I tried and I get stuck immediately, so eh, I think that old fashioned type is better.