sabato 4 marzo 2017

Everything caused by a countryside trip..

Summer. Ema, Luca, and I are a going to the airport with our bags. Destination, home, Italy.
We were talking about a nice house that the guys rented in the countryside outside the city, everybody where there, having a good time with drinks and music.

"Why do we need to go to the airport so early? If we leave now we can join them for a few hours and the have plenty of time to go to the airport for the night flight"

So we went. We had fun. I've spent the afternoon reading on an hammock in the sun, entertained by the sounds of the crickets, birds, and an old nice dog.
At night we had to go back to the airport, but just at the end of the tube line I realized something dreadful.

"Guys but... did we left our bags on the tube this morning? In that stuff reached the airport they are gonna to blow the bags up for security reason"

Ema started laughing, saying "Good luck with that, I have plutonium in mine, it will not end good"
"Why the hell do you have plutonium in your bag? Oh shit..."

My words wasted away by a small nuclear explosion, we found ourself thrown against a wall, breathless, but alive.

The following hours passed away in a blur, surrounded by refugees and injured people, voices over the PA that gave the description of two men involved in the explosion, description not similar but not far from Ema and Luca, policemen and firemen running around covered in debris and dust.

Ema was strangely calm, confident that was not his bag to cause all this, everything was just a coincidence. 

In the last scene the three of us were sitting near a staircase, giving good luck to soldiers and policemen in hazmat suits ready to go in the middle of what once was an airport for investigations.

Was really everything cause by an afternoon in the countryside?

(And why the hel Ema had some plutonium in his bag?)

(Well, Ema was right, if you blow up plutonium you get a dirty bomb, not a nuclear blast)