martedì 17 gennaio 2017

Stardust rollercoaster

Welcome back to another episode of... "Confessions of a dreamer mind"!

Last night dream is really confusing, the only thing that I remember is that I was in this strange theme park with some friends, a couple of them were married but I don't remember exactly who they were.

We'll after several hours of wandering around the Wife of this couple told us: "Yeah, now I know who killed my mother and how".

Totally legit.

So she lead us to a weird attraction in which you're being reduced to atoms and shoot in space to do a quick tour of the solar system, you come back to Earth, you're catched by a special net, and increased back to regular dimensions.


So we decide to try that and see how the Wife's mother has been killed. Her idea is that during the trip her mother's emergency seat belt has been unlocked and she's been left wandering in space forever.

I will never know of she was right, because I was so interested in the whole thing that I spent the whole trip reading a book.

When we landed we are taken directly to my parents home by a bus, that misses the stop and left me at a km to the gate. With me there is a really stressed ceo, with the face of the actor that plays Leonard in The Big Bang Theory, and his father, a really joyous guy.

For some reason they come to my parents house to play with my old dog, that they call The Grizzly.

Then the alarm clock woke me up, so I will never know if Leonard and his father are responsible for the Wife mother's death!